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Phone screen mockup displaying the UC San Diego mobile app

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The UC San Diego mobile app is a location-based app that connects you to campus information such as real-time class schedules, shuttles, news, events, and weather.

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Be Prepared

In case of emergency

Add UC San Diego's emergency status number (888) 308-8273 to your contacts. This toll-free number offers recorded messages in the event of a major emergency.

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Temporary network outages or slowdowns are posted here, but the website also posts current info about campus closures, interruption of classes, etc.

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Return to Learn

Our university-wide strategy enables a safe return to campus based on results from regular COVID-19 testing of students, faculty and staff.

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Find your community

Community can come in many shapes and forms. Finding a community is important to your well-being and success.

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Settle Money Matters

Money and financial related resources to help you succeed as a new Triton!

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Seek Academic Support

For all resources related to your academics at UC San Diego.

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Discover Transportation Options

Whether you commute or live on campus, find options for getting to, from, & around campus. Shuttles, ride share options, campus map, parking, and more.

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Prioritize your health & well-being

Resources to help you take good care of your mind & body.

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